Gnanmandir follows disciplined succession of Vedant philosophy & Vedic culture. Based on such strong Vedic principles, Seva-Puja (devotional services to the supreme lord), Bhajan Kirtan (Prayers & holy chants), religious programs etc. are regularly performed at Gnanmandir. As per the morals laid down in Vedas, preaching of Brahmavidya (knowledge of Brahmagnan) is imparted amongst the devotees.

A temple of lord Guru Dattatray has been built in gnanmandir.Also there stands shri sadgurudev's (1) Samadhi (trance) temple,(2) Janmabhoomi (Birthplace) temple, (3) Charanraj temple, (4) A meditation hall etc.Gnanmandirs have been also founded at various places like Mumbai, Una, Borli, Gangda etc. Devotees are being highly benefited by such foundations which are built with an ultimate goal to achieve spiritual advancement.