║ AUM ║

It is only the ardent Mahatman who has the same supreme devotion “ Parabhakti ”. He has in his own Almighty who can be enlightened with Brahmavidya.

I bow down most respectfully to sadguru paramatma, the supreme almighty god, who has appeared in the form of our divine sadguru.

The following words are simply derived from the Updesh (teachings) of that divine soul who clarified and unveiled the transcendental knowledge – The Divine Light – to enlighten our minds with meaningful transformation.

Shree Jagjivan Bapu Gnanmandir, Simar (Una)


(A taste of Nectar)

An end to all vices and achievement of supreme bliss is the only one aim of satsanga”

“Divine knowledge of Advaita – The vision of eternal and one god – present in everything forever”

That is the fruit of satsanga.

This satsanga is the very essence of all lives – the very soul of life.

This life has been given to us only for realization of god.

This is the most special incomparable and important facet of Indian culture and civilization. The roots of this invaluable and unique culture are found in the Vedas.

The Vedas have been composed by Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent (Supreme Brahm) – Paramatma.

Thus the Vedas are timeless, eternal and indestructible.

At the time of creation of this shrushti (Nature), Paramatma narrated these Vedas to Brahma. From Brahma the tradition passed on in its turn to Manu, Devarshi Narad, Asit Deval etc. and this continued further on and on. Most impressive Rushies such as Yagnavalka have achieved their name as great preachers of Vedas.

Muni Vashistji, Vedvyasji, Adikavi Valmikiji, shaped the tradition into treatises (Shastras).

In this manner, this vedic tradition has existed from very ancient times. It has never been wiped out till today because it is indestructible, indelible and eternal. So it can never be wiped out in the days to come.

Everywhere -  in all parts of India – philosophers, Tapaswis, Rushies, Munis and scholars have been born amongst us and they have kept the torch  - the eternal flame burning bright with dazzling light.

In between, for a short period of time, some atheists had spread darkness. They had even derided the sacred tradition of observation of Vedic rites and the Vedic Indian culture. For instance, they used to deride the holy dip in the Ganges, the practice of going on pilgrimage to religious and holy places, performance of yagnas, prayers, regularly reading of religious treatises etc. They criticized all these activities. But how long can such negative understanding prevail ?

Only as long as a bubble of water takes it to burst.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Jagadguru Adya Shankaracharya – the reincarnation of god Shiva himself – was born. At a very young age, only during his adolescence, he proved his mastery over all Shastras before the world. He compiled his book “Sutra-Bhashya” and other Bhashyas. He observed penance (Tapasya) at that age and thus he impressed everyone all around. In the very manner in which the sun removes darkness, he removed darkness which prevailed in the form of ignorance. He discussed the shastras with scholars and practiced penance to such an extent that he defeated Mandanmisra, a great supporter of atheist beliefs of Buddhists. Thus with his inborn knowledge and logical arguments he managed to bring an end to the atheist philosophy.

Once again people started the worship of God in right earnest and chant their prayers. Religious programs were organized in the Vedic tradition as of old, with deep faith and in truly Vedic fashion.

Thereafter in every nook and corner all over India, impressive personalities continued to be born in the form of saints and sages. Saint Shri Gnaneshwara, Saint Shri Tukaram and Saint Shri Eknath maharaj in Maharashtra, a great devotee of Shri Krishna – Meerabai of Mewad in Rajasthan, another equally great devotee of God Vishnu – Bhakt Shri Narsinh Mehta of Junagadh in Gujarat, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans in Bengal and a number of such bright and impressive religious personalities were born. It was they, who kept the ancient torch of Advait (non duality) Bodh and traditional flame of Vedic culture burning bright.

If we cast a glance at our sacred land of Kutchh and Saurashtra, we find that in every town or village someone or the other saint has been born and spread the Alakhnaad. It is most appropriate to say that “Saurashtra is a land of Saints”

They sang the songs of Atmatatva (soul in original form) and spread the sweetness of Bhajans, which made this land a fruitful ground of sanatan bhakti (devotion). If we try to mention the names of these Vibhutis (super human with divine power) the list will never end.

As a result of the eternal grace of almighty paramatma and due to good fortune of all residents of this area, we received the gift of an unforgettable and incomparable Vibhuti. We have forever remained under the obligation of that Vibhuti who was our savior, our guide, our kind merciful and loving God.

“We had never realized that God – the supreme deity – had arrived in mortal human frame amongst us” to shower his blessings on us.

We, ourselves and all the others around us knew him and had reserved a special place in our hearts as Pujya Jagjivan Bapu – our honorable divine guru. A great philosopher, a benevolent person, a sacred religious pilgrim and Brahmanishth learned guru, Pujya Jagjivan Bapu, founded a holy Mokshdham (place for preaching of salvation) for the benefit of all, at his birth place Simar dham (Una – Junagadh) which was known as Gnan Mandir (Temple of Knowledge), Thus he left for us an invaluable gift – a proud legacy from a great genius.

He distributed nectar freely to all making them immortal.

He eradicated all feelings of mortality and replaced them with feelings of immortality amongst us.

Having removed our attachment towards mortal things in the world, that merciful god presented us with ChetanDham (life spirit) as a graceful gift wherein our hearts easily melted in deep devotion towards the supreme deity – God.

Just as the sun enveloped in clouds, fire covered by smoke or fetus covered by placenta, are unveiled at once, so also our inherent knowledge covered by ignorance is easily unveiled by the arrival of such rare vibhutis.

We have full faith in the truth that no darkness can prevail in your presence.

We are blessed with a Guru, who has full knowledge of Brahma, whom we love and adore heartily.

Who, in spite of our human frame, made us realize that we were the supreme soul.

Who eradicated our ignorance of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’.

Our Guru preached us that ‘ you yourself are the purna Brahma Parmatma’ i.e. you are the universal soul.

I imbibed his words and entered the road leading to that destination.

All should aspire for such a guru who can enlighten us with Advait Gnan.

If you come into contact with such a gurudev who possesses knowledge of Brahma, serve him day and night with deep devotion.

Sadguru can inject you with extraordinary supernatural powers and energy. Do harbor love for and be completely enamored of such a sadguru.

Your heart will then receive the genuine fast colour, which can never be removed by maya (the realm of false vision).

Only he can show the path leading to true devotion and can help you to get correct glimpses of god.

Guruji has come with knowledge to open (to unlock) the locks of our hearts, to remove the webs woven by our minds, to unlock the hearts from shackles of ignorance.

I bow down to my guru who, with Anjanshalaka of knowledge opened my eyes and removed my blindness, which was due to darkness of ignorance.

One who forever enjoys supreme bliss of Brahmananda –
Who is only an icon of knowledge,
Whose doubts are all gone,
Who is as vast as the sky,
Whose only be-all and end-all is knowledge of Tatva,
Who is one and indivisible,
Who is pure and steady,
Who is simple and witness to all intelligence,
Who is devoid of feelings,
Who is always above all conditions of mind and Triguna,
I bow down to that sadguru.
There is no knowledge without a guru and there is no Moksha (salvation) without knowledge.

It is satvaguna (the first and best of 3 qualities or properties of nature) that imparts knowledge with the help of guru’s grace, while Rajoguna (2nd quality – cause of worldly activities like Ego, Greed, Patience etc) and Tamoguna (3rd quality suggesting ignorance, anger etc) definitely pull a person downwards.

║Satvat Sanjayate Gnanam║

Knowledge is the outcome of Satvaguna

In that sense, Guruji made the stream of Gnan and Bhakti (knowledge and devotion) with the main ingredient of satvaguna, pure and endowed with vedic thinking and practice. This devine flow for us just in the same manner in which Bhagirath had managed to make the river Ganges flow.

That supreme dawn dawned on the sacred land of Simar on Vaisakh sudi 12th vikram samvant 2018 (as per hindu calendar) and on that auspicious day, in the presence of saints and devotees, with performance of yagnas, the sacred foundation of Gnan Mandir took place in an atmosphere saturated with feelings in festive mood.

As soon as the day dawns people begin to rise, some earlier and others later. In the same manner people belonging to different schools of thought and religious beliefs, begin to understand, some of them sooner and others later, the importance of this holy place.

Though socially understood to be commoners, these fortunate devotees embraced this divine work of Bapu (which was majestic and practicable) with over whelming love and welcomed it with joy.

All the programs of seva (service) and satsang planned by Gnan Mandir were accepted by them in their daily life.

The quality and the impression of these programs improved and spread day by day.