Replica of Girnar Mountain of Junagadh-Gujarat at Simar dham.

A Monumental Project at Shree Jagjivanbapu Sevashram - (Gnan Mandir) Simardham, Ta.Una, Dist. Junagadh, Gujarat in a 65000 Square Yards of Land.

Making a man made mount Girnar with its Original Features - Topographical - Religious and Architecural - Conserved. Also proposed such built elements for cultural, social and educational activities within the whole campus.

It is going to become a big Pilgrimage - Sacred Place in near Future.


Details of On going projects at Shree Jagjivanbapu Sevashram,(Gnan Mandir) – Simardham.

  • Replica of Girnar
: Replica of Girnar : Man Made Replica of mountain of Junagadh- Gujarat a Simardham.With 81Ft Height & Area of 180 x 165   SQ.Mtrs. (Work is going On)
  • Shree Paanjarapol
: About 5 Sheds for Paanjarapol.
  • Shree Gaushala
: About 4 Sheds for Gaushala. (Work is going On)
  • Cattle Feed Land
: Acquire and Develop Maximum cultivable Cattle Feed Land.
  • New Saint Niwas
: Construction of a New Saint Niwas with 6000
(Work is going to Start)
  • Sanskrit Vidhyalaya
: Construction of New Sansktrit Vidhyalaya with 8000-10000, having about 25 Rooms. (Work Completed)
  • Expansion of Guesthouse
: Expansion of Present Guesthouse with 12500 SQ.FT. work.
(Work is going On)
  • Shree Gurudattatrey Temple
: Reconstruction of Shree Gurudattatrey Temple on Rock of
(Shree GnanDham) Island of Simardham